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Financial Transitions

Need some quick tips for 2019? CLICK HERE to read my Financial To-Do List for 2019!

Changes in your life happen. Some we can plan for, some we cannot. Our team is experienced guiding clients through all obstacles life throws at you.  Let us do the financial planning so you can focus on your transition.

Some common lifestyle financial transitions we work with:

First Job?  Congratulations!  You have begun your career.  Get ready to pay taxes, elect benefits and begin your retirement savings!  Need help?  We are here for you!  Click Here to get some great starting tips for 2019!

Getting Married?  Wow, you have found the one!  Who’s insurance will you use?  How do your taxes change?  Who will handle the finances?  How can you begin planning together?  We are here for you!  Click Here for some tips when combining finances for the first time!

Buying a House or Moving?  Exciting times ahead!  How portable are your investments?  How are you transitioning to the new town?  What are taxes like?  What is the most efficient payment for your mortgage?  How will this change your taxes?  We are here for you!  Click Here for some tips!

Starting a Family?  A huge change is coming!  How will you prepare for the baby?  How much should you save for college?  What will the new addition do to your monthly budget?  We are here to help!  Click Here for a quick College Savings Tip!

New Job or Promotion:  A new start! How will your new income change things? How much withholding should you have? How about your old job’s 401(k)? How are the new benefits (insurance, short term disability, long term disability, 401(k) investment choices)? We are here to make the transition seamless!  Download our quick tips here:

Planning a Large Expense:  Buying the car of your dreams?  Perhaps a rental property?  Vacation property? Etc.  We are here to guide you through your loans, interest rates, and cash payments to make your dream a reality!  Click Here for some tips when purchasing a new car!

Early Retirement:  Thinking about punching out early?  Who doesn’t dream of that!  How much can you spend each year so your income is sustained?  How will your health insurance work until Medicare?  We are here to help you start retirement early! Download our quick tips here:

Losing a loved one:  We are so sorry.  This is not an easy time in your life, and one of the toughest things is financially continuing.  There are upfront expenses you should expect, and some you do not.  We are here to help you focus on grieving.  Click Here for some legacy tips.

Entering Retirement:  You made it to the finish line!  You are ready to focus on you.  Ready to do things for you. This is a pivotal change.  How will you ensure your savings last?  How much can you spend each year?  How should your portfolio look?  How comfortable are you with the risks you’re taking?  Click Here for 5 great Retirement Tips that are often overlooked!

Philanthropist/Estate Planning:  You are at a great place in your financial life.  You have realized you have enough to sustain your lifestyle and now you are beginning to take care of the next generation.  How much can you give?  How will your heirs inherit your hard-saved dollars?  How much in taxes will it cost?  How efficiently is it passed?  We are here to make sure your wishes are carried through. Click Here for some great Estate Planning tips!

Expecting a Large Windfall: Inheriting funds?  Win the lottery?  There are a lot of responsibilities that come with this windfall. What are the taxes due?  How will you structure this lump sum?  To grow?  For income?  For both? What investment structures are most tax efficient?  We are here to guide you.  Click Here for some tips!

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